Case Management

Santa Cruz County Public Fiduciary Office receives grant funds from Southeastern Arizona Governments Office (SEAGO) to provide Case Management Services for older adults ages 60 and above. Case Management services are also provided for handicapped and disabled individuals.

The primary mission is to serve as the central entry point into home and community based services with the Case Manager acting as central referral agent for services available in the community, e.g., home care and/or home delivered meals.

Assessment of a client by the Case Manager will determine their ability to receive services in their home setting.

Clients are identified through referrals from physicians, nursing staff, other service agencies, families and friends. An in-take referral will be completed and an initial visit will be scheduled by the Case Manager. See the referral form for more information.

Eligibility Not Met
Clients who do not meet the eligibility requirements will be referred to other agencies such as Arizona Long Term Care Program, Adult Protective Services, and Arizona Independent Living Rehabilitation Services (AZ ILRS). See the AHCCCS Long Term Care Services and AZ ILRS forms for more information.

More Information
For further information contact Santa Cruz County Case Management Services 520-375-7893.